AuthOMath: Authoring online mathematics tasks

Start date: 01/05/2021
End date: 31/12/2023

Official project website:

This project aimed to foster the development of innovative approaches to online and distance learning especially in primary and secondary education. In particular, the project aims at enabling teachers to create digital online learning material with multimodal, dynamic, and interactive elements, (GeoGebra) and with adaptive automatic feedback for use in hybrid settings.

The project provides an authoring tool (AuTo) and a didactic concept (DiCo) that teachers can use for creating digital online material in mathematics with multi-modal, dynamic, interactive elements in task formulation and automated, adaptive feedback. We combined two existing authoring tools that are well-established in the mathematics educational community. GeoGebra is an OER authoring tool for creating multimodal, dynamic and interactive mathematical applets, with an easy accessible user interface of widespread use in the mathematical educational community. STACK is an OER authoring tool for randomized mathematical tasks with automatic, answer-based feedback.

Combining GeoGebra and STACK is a promising approach to developing an authoring tool for letting teachers create high-quality content. This outcome will be achieved by providing the following project results:

  1. AuTo: An authoring tool for creating digital tasks with dynamic and interactive multi-modal elements and adaptive automatic feedback
  2. DiCo: A didactical concept for the design of such tasks that takes the relevant mathematics educational research into account

Participating Organisations

  • P├Ądagogische Hochschule Heidelberg, Germany (Programme Country Institution)
  • Johann Kepler Universit├Ąt Linz, Austria (Programme Country Institution)
  • Universidad de Cantabria, Spain (Programme Country Institution)
  • University of Edinburgh United, Kingdom (Partner Country Institution)
  • Geogebra GmbH, Austria (Associated Partner)

Project outcomes

This site contains sample materials which illustrate the outcomes from the project.

EU flag The project is co-funded by the EU
under the Erasmus+ Programme
No. 2021-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000032031