Who uses STACK?

STACK has users all over the world. To highlight some of the ways STACK is used and developed around the world, we have written a number of case studies. Explore the map, or see the full list of case studies below.

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Integration using partial fractions and STACK

ETH Z├╝rich uses STACK to teach how to integrate rational fanctions using partial fractions in a step by step guide.

Maths in Ethiopian higher education

Responding to national educational upheaval with student-centred support for Ethiopia.


Question Answering in STACK Applying String Similarity

Using the Damerau-Levenshtein distance between strings to develop assessment of short free-text answers.

Use of STACK in Honours Complex Variables

This case study describes using STACK at The University of Edinburgh in, Honours Complex Variables, a Year 3 pure mathematics module.

Maseno University Workshop 2022

This is a report on a 5-day STACK workshop held at Maseno in July 2022.


The landing page for using STACK in Real Analysis.
Using STACK in Real Analysis

Using STACK in Real Analysis at the University of Warwick.

The HELM logo.
Translating the HELM workbooks to STACK

Converting the "Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics" workbooks into STACK quizzes for self-study.


The landing page for MINTFIT.
Diagnostics Testing With STACK

The MINTFIT Math Test is an online diagnostics test that uses STACK.

A multiple choice question in STACK.
Extra-occupational bridging courses for non-traditional students

OTH Amberg-Weiden uses STACK in extra-occupational maths bridging courses for non-traditional students.


In 2019, a project was carried out to write an initial collection of STACK case studies. The case studies were edited by Malthe Sporring and Chris Sangwin, and funded by CATE.

A typical STACK question in FAC
Developing a Fully Online Course

"Fundamentals of Algebra and Calculus" is a fully online course that uses STACK.

Physics Curriculum
STACK for a Physics Textbook

Physics Curriculum & Instruction have developed STACK questions to accompany a Physics textbook.

An adaptive STACK question
Adaptive Self-learning Exercises

The Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum uses STACK in online courses designed for self-study. Some questions are adaptive, and guide students through complex tasks.

A flick interface for STACK
A Flick Interface for Maths Input

Developers at Nagoya University are building a "flick interface" for STACK, similar to the popular Japanese keyboard mode.

Maseno University
Innovating Education in Maseno, Kenya

IDEMS international is working with Maseno University to implement online assessment for their mathematics courses.

Part of the course design of the optes project.
optes: Optimising Self-study With STACK

The optes project uses STACK in their pre-course, designed to help students improve their self-studying skills.

A typical STACK question in ILIAS
Technical Integration of STACK Into ILIAS

STACK was integrated into the ILIAS learning management system to support projects for learning content.

A STACK question on finding the magnitude of friction force on a box resting on an incline.
STACK at Scale: The Open University

The Open University uses STACK for large-scale online courses.

The Abacus logo
STACK for Engineering Mathematics and the Abacus Material Bank

Aalto University uses STACK for their Engineering Mathematics courses, and they have also developed the material bank Abacus.

Panels of resources related to writing STACK questions.
Promoting STACK Across Disciplines at Loughborough University

At Loughborough University, STACK has been implemented across many disciplines.

A STACK question on linear algebra.
Institutional Support for STACK in Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has in-house support for online assessment, mostly with STACK, for most year one and two mathematics modules, and many more.